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History Challege 11/29/10 Korean War

 This “History Challenge” is now closed. The winner was John from Kokomo, IN. For resource information check the comments section below.

This week’s prize is a $15 gift card to Amazon.

Answer the following questions regarding the Korean War.

1) Who was the General in command of all U.S. and UN Forces?  A) Dwight Eisenhower  B) Douglas MacArthur  C) Harry Truman

2) In the first weeks of the conflict the North Korean forces met little resistance and advanced rapidly. By Sept. 10 they had driven the South Korean army and a small American force to the this area at the southeast tip of Korea.  A) Pyongyang  B) Pusan  C) Inchon

3) A counteroffensive began on Sept. 15th 1950 when UN forces made a daring landing on this west coast area. A) Inchon  B) Chosin  C) Seoul

4) Shortly after the successful UN counteroffensive this communist country entered the war by sending hundreds of thousands of troops across the border to enter the fight.  A) Soviet Union  B) China  C) Cuba

5) Area where the 1st marine division fought bravely despite being outnumbered, surrounded, and fighting in sub zero temperatures (November and December of 1950).  A) Chin Hae  B) Chosin Reservoir  C) Pusan

Brief History:

After World War II the Korean Peninsula (previously occupied by the Japanese) was divided at the 38th parallel with the North supported by Stalin’s Soviet Union and the South supported by the United States.  By 1949, separate Korean governments had been established, and both the United States and the USSR withdrew the majority of their troops from the Korean Peninsula. Just a year later in June of 1950 the North Koreans armed with Soviet tanks and weapons launched a massive invasion on the South. To prevent the spread of communism the United States intervened and on June 28th, 1950 the United Nations approved the use of force against the communist North Korea. The war lasted for three years and in 1953, an armistice agreement (truce) was signed, ending the “conflict” and reestablishing the 1945 division of Korea that still exists today. Over fifty thousand American troops where lost in this war.

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