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An American Patriot is Hard Working!

The Patriot’s Code States (From our Patriots Club):

An American Patriot is Hard Working!

The Peterson family has recently adapted a point system for our children that might be helpful for other families. We have been using it for a couple months now and can see a real change in the boys attitude towards work. It is based on an idea found in the book “America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money” and has been modified to fit our family. It may cost us a little more money now as parents but the lessons they learn about the value of money and hard work will last your children a lifetime.  See our point cards below for ideas. Remember the key is consistency (always the hardest part :) ).

Point Cards and Point Rules

No Work = No Pay!

They also have a few chores that is part of helping the family house hold and is free (folding their own clothes, helping with dinner, etc).

One of the problems I often see is that today’s children are just so saturated with entertainment (video games, tv, sports, etc) that when comforted with the real world of work they are lost and only work so the can buy stuff, so they can be entertained some more. This is not a healthy nor biblical approach to why we work and needs addressing.

Each week we separate out their pay into different envelopes including tithing, giving, saving, and spending. Because we did this, they were able to give to Samaritans Purse (japan’s earthquake fund) with their giving fund,  they have been saving for a future car with their saving fund, and they have been able to buy their own tools with their spending fund.

The absolutely best resource on the importance of hard work is the book “Created for Work” by Bob Schultz. It is full of wisdom that I wish I had when I was younger (would have saved me a lot of hardship). It is a must read for all young patriots!


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