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Navy Seals – History Challenge

This history challenge is now closed and the winner was Jewel from Thompson Station, TN.

This week’s prize is the book “Seal of Honor

In honor of our Navy Seals answer the following questions and submit your info below to enter the drawing.


1) What is the insignia (picture above) that the Navy Seals wear called?

A) Wings and Anchor  B) Sea, Land, Air Pin  C) Trident

2) True or False: In order to become a navy seal a candidate must pass the physical screening test which consist of a 500 yard swim in 12.5 minutes (ten minute rest cycle), 42 push ups (two minute rest cycle), 50 curls ups (two minute rest), 6 pull ups, and a 1.5 mile run in 11 minutes.
3) In the wake of the failed hostage rescue attempt in Iran (1980), the U.S. Navy saw the need for a full-time dedicated Counter-Terrorist Team and tasked Richard Marcinko with its design and development. This Navy Seal Team became known as ________, and is believed to be the unit the killed Osama Bin Ladin.
A) Seal Team One B) Delta Force  C) NSwDG or AKA Seal Team Six

4) Name the Navy Seal who was recently honored with having a ship named after him for his brave actions in Afghanistan. He is a recipient of the “Medal of Honor”.

A) Richard Marcinko  B) Lt Michael Murphy  C) Lt Thomas Norris


By submitting your name below you agree to the contest rules.



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