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Debt, Unemployment, and Energy

How can the government bring in more revenue without raising taxes  (help for the debt problems), create more jobs (also more revenue), and lower gas prices with one simple solution?

It’s Simple!! Auction off ANWR and other oil rich government land to the highest American bidder and allow them to go after the oil (cut the red tape).

If your family is going hungry and your about to lose your home, it might be a good idea to sell your $25,000 boat that you never use and that’s paid off. Pretty simple choice – right!  Only a mad man would let his family starve to death while keeping his unused boat. Only an insane and power hungry gov’t would risk man’s freedom (allowing it’s people to become slaves to debt), while letting billions and trillions of dollars worth of oil sit in a barren wasteland unused.

Not only does this give the government short term income (the land value), but also long term income via more people paying taxes (jobs, jobs, jobs), and fuel taxes.

This is not an end all solution for the huge gov’t debt – of course; you still need to cut spending, and balance the budget. Tax ( and regulation reform would be a huge economic boost also (thus more income for the gov’t without raising taxes). It would be a good start anyways and yet a big help for job creation and in solving the energy problems we are facing.

Chances of this happening in a 0 to 10 scale:  1 :)



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