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Real Money for Real Patriots!

We are happy to introduce the ICO (initial coin offering) of Patriot$ starting Monday the 25th of September. To learn more about Patriot$ > Click here!!

There will only be 6000 tokens available in this first round priced at .065 per token (which equals around $3.25 for a 50rd box of 22lr). Tokens will be available on a FCFS basis only. Email me at to reserve your tokens. Click here to learn more and how to get started.



Jesus on Trial



How Should Christians React in Terrorist Events

Great perspective on Generations With Vision today on how Christians should react to terrorist events (including Riots in Ferguson, MO).

Bill Jack and Kevin brings out some good points starting around the 18 min mark on the Christian father’s duty to protect others and family.

Unfortunately since the fall of man there is evil in the world. To love your neighbor as yourself requires action sometimes and that action may require the use of force to stop an act of evil. Of course we love our enemy as well and pray that they find the loving knowledge of our Lord and Savior in Jesus Christ. However during the act of evil it’s our duty as christian men to try and stop it!

If you have questions regarding which firearms would be best to defend your family give us a call 765-414-5147. Consultation is free and will say confidential.


Pyrrhic Victory or Thermopylae

Another great commentary by Allen West!



Be sure to check out Monumental tonight if possible.

4 bonus points on your Qual Card!!


Debt, Unemployment, and Energy

How can the government bring in more revenue without raising taxes  (help for the debt problems), create more jobs (also more revenue), and lower gas prices with one simple solution?

It’s Simple!! Auction off ANWR and other oil rich government land to the highest American bidder and allow them to go after the oil (cut the red tape).

If your family is going hungry and your about to lose your home, it might be a good idea to sell your $25,000 boat that you never use and that’s paid off. Pretty simple choice – right!  Only a mad man would let his family starve to death while keeping his unused boat. Only an insane and power hungry gov’t would risk man’s freedom (allowing it’s people to become slaves to debt), while letting billions and trillions of dollars worth of oil sit in a barren wasteland unused.

Not only does this give the government short term income (the land value), but also long term income via more people paying taxes (jobs, jobs, jobs), and fuel taxes.

This is not an end all solution for the huge gov’t debt – of course; you still need to cut spending, and balance the budget. Tax ( and regulation reform would be a huge economic boost also (thus more income for the gov’t without raising taxes). It would be a good start anyways and yet a big help for job creation and in solving the energy problems we are facing.

Chances of this happening in a 0 to 10 scale:  1 :)



USS Michael Murphy (DDG112)




Sorry for not posting anything lately :( . We decided to use this site to focus more on helping families and less on national news (unless it involves family news :) ).

The primary focus will be with the Patriot’s club and helping families raise the next generation of true patriots.

I’ll try to get something helpful posted at least once a week, so start checking back for updates :) – Thanks!


Site Construction

We will be doing some web site construction the next week or so. Be sure to go on over the the patriots club for the weekly history challenge and come back here in about a week.


Reagan and His Ranch

From the Young America’s Foundation

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