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Archive for the ‘In the News’ Category

Reagan’s Wit and Wisdom

See this on


The Three – Fifths Clause was Anti-slavery!!

Misreading the Constitution

Glenn Beck Lambasts ‘Cowardly’ Congress For Amended Constitution Reading


Story of the Nativity 2.0


December 7th

I Fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve” – Admiral Yamamoto

Peter Heck’s commentary on the Attack of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Remembered

There Is Still A Pearl In The Harbor

The Battle for Tora Bora

Review for Tora Tora Tora


The XM25

This video is from last year but shows how it works:



Thanksgiving in 2010

Rush: The Real Thanksgiving Story

John Stossel: Socialism Almost Ruined Thanksgiving:

Celebrating Thanksgiving in America (Wallbuilders)

Giving Thanks for Liberty and Freedom

A Great Thanksgiving Page from CBN

Abraham Lincoln: Give thanks to God



Veterans Day

Veterans Day information from the American Legion

Rifle squad honors vets with 57,000 goodbyes

Veterans Day from

Veterans Day, 2010

Honor The Fallen

America seeks God in time of War -1777

DOJ Asks High Court Not to Touch Gay Military Ban

Historians uncover evil of Third Reich tax authorities



Voter Responsibilities

Get Off the Sidelines

The Choice before us

Judeo Christian Voter Guide

Indiana Voter Guide - couldn’t help but notice that very few democrats took the time to answer the questions!

Patriots Code: “An American Patriot Always does His Duty” – Go Vote!


My Government Cost Calculator

Check out to see what your future taxes will cost you!

My future taxes will be $229,200 :(

They even break it down per gov. program. Check it out – though it might make you sick!


In God We Trust by Eric Horner

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