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Shot Gun Shell Bobbers

We tried out these Shell Bobbers from Fishing Ammo Inc. (as seen on the Shark Tank) this weekend and they worked great! We have some available in the shop if your looking to get out and do a little fishing this spring; they are easy to put on, fun, and work great.

 Click picture to buy online or stop by the shop to get them locally.


The Auschwitz Escape!!

Another great novel by Joel Rosenberg! I highly recommend this novel to anyone, and will make it available for my children to read. Inspired by true stories, this novel brings the horrors of the holocaust alive to the reader so they can grasp the true evil of the Nazi regime and hopefully be inspired to prevent future genocides from happening.


Economics for Everybody with Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr

This economics series is a must have for every American home! I was very impressed with how well they showed the different economic worldviews and then showed the results of those worldviews in action throughout history. The path to true economic recovery is first repentance and then following the Biblical principles of economics laid out so very well by Dr Sproul in this study. I highly recommend this study – in fact I’m going to make my kids watch it at least once a year :) !  For club members – add 24 bonus points to your Qual card upon completion of this course.



Manhood DVD

We really enjoyed this DVD and would recommend it for any father who has sons. As fathers it’s are duty to train our sons to have a Biblical worldview, working for the glory of God, and having a clear focus on eternal things (not playing games or other worldly things that perish). This video has some great ideas on how to accomplish those goals. Click the picture below and take the “Manhood Challenge”!!



Runaway Slave

This new documentary with CL Bryant is excellent! It proves that big government programs have only enslaved the black community. Great interviews with some of the country’s finest leaders including: Allen West, Jesse Peterson, Star Parker, Herman Cain, and many more. Check it out >


Last Ounce of Courage

I highly recommend this movie! A new Christmas favorite for our family!




This was the most important day in the past 70 years. To truly understand the significance you must understand the consequences and the understand the the consequences you must understand the pure evil of the Nazi worldview. Click below for one of the best resources for understanding D-Day that I have ever seen!


Review: Thunder of Heaven *****

This is volume 2 in the “End Series” by Tim Lahaye and Craig Parshall (Janet’s Husband). Picking up from the first volume “Edge of Apocalypse” Col Joshua Jordan and the round table face new challenges including the use of the RTS (Return to Sender) technology in airliners to thwart terrorist ground to air missile strikes, and protecting the American people from nuclear threats (so called suitcase bombs inside the US) while the US Gov’t does little to nothing.  The best part of the book for me was the invasion of Israel and the results (can’t give out to much info :( , other than read the book of Ezekiel especially chapters 38 and 39). Another great novel (five stars) from Tim Lahaye  (kept me interested the whole time reading it – and that’s hard to do).

Listen to the interview with the authors from Janet Parshall’s radio show “In the Marketplace” >




An American Patriot is Hard Working!

The Patriot’s Code States (From our Patriots Club):

An American Patriot is Hard Working!

The Peterson family has recently adapted a point system for our children that might be helpful for other families. We have been using it for a couple months now and can see a real change in the boys attitude towards work. It is based on an idea found in the book “America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money” and has been modified to fit our family. It may cost us a little more money now as parents but the lessons they learn about the value of money and hard work will last your children a lifetime.  See our point cards below for ideas. Remember the key is consistency (always the hardest part :) ).

Point Cards and Point Rules

No Work = No Pay!

They also have a few chores that is part of helping the family house hold and is free (folding their own clothes, helping with dinner, etc).

One of the problems I often see is that today’s children are just so saturated with entertainment (video games, tv, sports, etc) that when comforted with the real world of work they are lost and only work so the can buy stuff, so they can be entertained some more. This is not a healthy nor biblical approach to why we work and needs addressing.

Each week we separate out their pay into different envelopes including tithing, giving, saving, and spending. Because we did this, they were able to give to Samaritans Purse (japan’s earthquake fund) with their giving fund,  they have been saving for a future car with their saving fund, and they have been able to buy their own tools with their spending fund.

The absolutely best resource on the importance of hard work is the book “Created for Work” by Bob Schultz. It is full of wisdom that I wish I had when I was younger (would have saved me a lot of hardship). It is a must read for all young patriots!


Danger Close: The Novel

I’m a big fan of General William Boykin and could not wait to read this book. I was not disappointed! The book goes into the world of special forces operations and also the under world operations of the CIA. It makes the reader think about the tough questions like: Is it morally alright to lie, if it saves lives? Is it morally alright to take an innocent life if it saves thousands. It was hard to put the book down. If you like military novels, you won’t be disappointed in this book.  I hope they make a movie out of it :) !

“Veteran Counter-terror warrior Jerry Boykin brings into focus the critical and core questions underlying U.S. intelligence operations: Can honorable men do dishonorable things in the interests of national security and still maintain their honor? Such questions will burn in the reader’s mind long after finishing this remarkable book.” – Samuel Wilson LTG (RET.)


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