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Review for The Eric Liddell Story


We just recently rented the DVD “The Eric Liddell Story” from Torchlighters. This is our second Torchlighters DVD with “The Jim Elliot Story” being are first. They are great DVD’s telling the true stories of some great Christian Heroes. The animation is a little lacking compared to Angel Wars, but not that bad. The stories will inspire and teach honor and courage to your children. So far great series, we can’t wait for the next one!

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Review: Angel Wars


Grandma recently picked up the new Angel War DVD (The Messengers) for the boys and of course I had to watch it with them:). I must say that I really enjoyed it and think it was a great alternative to The Star Wars Clone War series. Each episode has a faith affirming story and has really good action scenes that kept the boys attention. It can be used as another reaffirming tool to instill courage, honesty, and responsibly into our children without them even knowing it.  I highly recommend this series!


Save an additional 10% off the first Box Set. Just enter May09 as the coupon code during check out!

Save an additional 10% off the first Box Set. Just enter May09 as the coupon code during check out!

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Review: The Duggars – 20 and Counting

I loved reading through this book!! It is amazing to see how they have raised this big family without any debt through God’s amazing provisions. It inspired me and encouraged me in my discipline and discipleship of our five children. What a beautiful family and a wonderful inspiration.

Kristina Peterson


Review for “An American Carol” the movie.

I rented and watched the movie “An American Carol” last night and thought it was really funny, but I was disappointed in the bad language. It’s very pro – American, which is a breath of fresh air coming from Hollywood. Some of my favorite parts where when the character Michael Malone is doing a documentary in Cuba on how great the healthcare system is, while in the background people are being shot, also Bill Oreilly interview with “Rosy O’Connell” on how Christians are no different than radical Islam (You just have to see it, to see how loony it is). I’d give this movie 4 stars (would be 5 if not for the language) and would recommend watching it thru ClearPlay (see banner below for more info) to filter out the bad language.



Review: Tora Tora Tora

Each year around the anniversary of the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor (that’s December 7th for those who voted for Obama), I watch either the movie Pearl Harbor or Tora Tora Tora as a reminder of the great sacrificed made that day. This year was Tora Tora Tora and it’s a great way to understand the big picture of the events that lead up to the attack including the names of those who played a roll in trying to better prepare the defenses in Hawaii and the names of those who missed connecting the dots. The movie also shows the view point of the Japanese including the names of those who planned and executed the attack. If you want to understand the events of the Pearl Harbor attack and don’t have a week to research it in the library, then I would strongly (5 stars) recommend renting or buying this movie. It was made in 1970 and has a 145 minute run time.



To Hell and Back

If your looking for something to do on a cold raining day and like old war movies, then I strongly suggest you watch the movie “To Hell and Back” starring Audie Murphy. The Movie is about the true story of the most decorated war hero in American History – Audie Murphy. Yep, Audie Murphy playing himself, now how many people can say that!! The movie starts when he was a boy in Texas with his family struggling to make ends meat, and then goes into his experience in the Army starting in North Africa and then onto Germany. The movie is a great way to learn about one of America’s greatest heroes, and is worth your time. The movie was made in 1955, and it has a run time of 107 minutes. For Classic War Movies, i’d give it 4 stars!!

Rent it at Netflix  or BLOCKBUSTER!

Visit for more information about Audie Murphy.


Review: Pilgrims Progress -Journey To Heaven!

I just recently watched the new movie “Pilgrims Progress: Journey to Heaven” based on John Bunyan’s classic novel. I must say that it was worth the time! It has a modern adaptation to fit the times but stays true to the classic in content. It convicted me (once again) to get back on the narrow path (Matthew 7:13,14) and not get distracted by “Worldly Wise” or the many other traps that keep us from reaching the “Celestial City”.

Family Friendly: YES (my boys loved it)

Content: 5 stars (just like the classic)

Special effects: 3 stars (Wasn’t like a Star Wars movie, but it wasn’t bad either)

A must see for the whole family!

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