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When marksmenship met history – Appleseed Report.

We had an excellent time at Appleseed this weekend! I would strongly encourage anyone interested in American history and that loves to shoot to attend one of these events. Just go to their website at  to learn more about this great program.

Unfortuantly, none of my group (Benjamin, Isaac, Ethan, nor myself) made Rifleman; but we learned a lot and will be better prepared next time.

My best score was an 180 on the AQT (Army Qualification Test), which would equal a Sharp Shooter (Appleseed Qual -25 meter targets) according to the chart. Lessons learned: I noticed my rear sight (TSR200) was loose when we was done and I was putting the rifle back in the case. This was a rookie mistake which I should have notice right away, as my groups was getting inconsistent. Next time I’ll use Loctite on the base screws :) . I may also, try using a scope next time, because my eyes are getting old and that bottom row of the AQT was a little fuzzy and hard for me to see.

Benjamin, Isaac, and Ethan all qualified “Marksman” (Army Qual) according to the chart. They too, had lesson learned stories and will continue to improve based on them. The skills and history learned during this event is something that they will always remember and make them better American citizens.

Hat’s off to those who made rifleman: Ben H, Jim S, Chris P (not me), and Bill S (who is now going to be an instructor in training). Huzzah!!

Click here to see (and read) the after action report >

Now, we (my clan) will continue practicing the skills (trigger control, getting NPOA, breathing, etc) learned and be ready to get that Rifleman Badge next time :) .

The history taught was based on the book “Paul Revere’s Ride” (see below). They told us some great stories about some real patriots, that I have not heard before! Click here to learn more about the “Three Strikes” that they taught us - Three Strikes

At the end of the AQT’s – TJ (the shoot boss) let us shoot his M1 Garand! See Isaac shooting it below for the very first time! All the instructors where great – and we really appreciated how well they worked with the youth.

Give me a call if your interested in attending this event. I’ll do my best (although I’m not a rifleman- yet) to help you prepare and get some equipment ready that you will need. We can order any firearm you would like to use including the Liberty Training Rifle (Marlin 795 with tec sights), which is designed just for this event.



Customize your Firearm! 20% Off Sale!

We all like to be a little different – right! Well, why then have the exact same gun that 200,000 other people have? We are happy to announce that we are now a dealer for Bastion products (engraved in the USA). Currently we have mag plates for Glocks, SW M&P’s, and Springfield XD’s. Also, back slide plates for Glocks, Stainless Steel Pin kits for Glocks, Ruger 10/22 ext. mag. release, and AR 15  (Dust covers – Mag release – and Charging Handles). Come over and check them out! %20 off sale thru the weekend.

Here are a few examples:

Here’s what I did with my Glock 26!


Current Inventory – As of 10/15/14

Below is the list of our current firearms inventory. Email ( or call if something here sparks and interest and you would like more information on it.

Just in this week:

Glock 42 (380acp) – Asking $407

H&R PARDNER PUMP (12GA) – Asking $175

Ruger 10/22 Navy Take Down / 50th – Asking $327

SR22-PG Ruger Lady Lilac TALO Edition – Asking $327 – see picture below!


Ruger 10/22 Navy carbine (22lr) – Asking $237

Ruger 10/22 Navy Take Down / 50th – Asking $327

Ruger 10/22 Patriot Package – Asking $507 (took $8 off)

Mossberg MVP Varmit (223) with a battlezone Redfield scope, and bipod – Asking $705 – this is a very nice setup!! Ask for some pictures or come over and look at it.

Ruger M77 / 357 – A 357 Rifle – Perfect for Deer hunting – asking $515

Shot Guns:

H&R PARDNER PUMP (12GA) – Asking $175

H&R Single Shot 20 GA – Asking $167

H&R Single Shot 12 GA camo (USED / good condition) – Asking $117

Mossberg Model 930 Waterfowl Duck Commander (12GA) – Asking $725 – took $25 off ($700 cash)- I’m surprised I  still have this beautiful shotgun!


Heritage Rough Rider combo (22lr / M) – Asking $214

Ruger LCR 22lr – Asking $415

SIG MOSQUITO .22LR Pink (Used / like new) – Asking $307

SR22-PG Ruger Lady Lilac TALO Edition – Asking $327 – see picture below! This 22 pistol has an excellent rebate offer thru Ruger right now! Click Here for Info on Ruger’s Free Ammo and Mag giveaway!

Ruger LC380 Lady Lilac Talo Edition – Asking $357 – see picture below.

Glock 42 (380acp) – Asking $407

Ruger LCR 38spl – Asking $407

If you have an interest in another firearm not listed – just email me and I’ll get you a quote. Thanks!

Prices do not include Indiana sales tax (add %7).




Gun Safety Rules by Gunsmoke TV


Jesus on Trial



The American Farmer – Ruger 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

Just got in a Ruger American Farmer 10/22 !! This is a limited 50th anniversary edition. Note the serial number AFT- 00449 (limited edition of 3300) ! Asking $447 / if interested call quick /taking to the Tipton gun show this weekend if not sold.


Patriot Package 10/22 on Gunbroker

Bid on the Patriot Package at –


The Auschwitz Escape!!

Another great novel by Joel Rosenberg! I highly recommend this novel to anyone, and will make it available for my children to read. Inspired by true stories, this novel brings the horrors of the holocaust alive to the reader so they can grasp the true evil of the Nazi regime and hopefully be inspired to prevent future genocides from happening.


Just Got In A Glock 42 !!

Click here for product details!

Just got in this hard to get glock 42  (380acp). Only asking $407 – we take cash, money orders, and credit cards (no extra charge). Call or email me if your interested. Also check out the reviews below.


For a more detail review watch Jerry Mculek at :



How Should Christians React in Terrorist Events

Great perspective on Generations With Vision today on how Christians should react to terrorist events (including Riots in Ferguson, MO).

Bill Jack and Kevin brings out some good points starting around the 18 min mark on the Christian father’s duty to protect others and family.

Unfortunately since the fall of man there is evil in the world. To love your neighbor as yourself requires action sometimes and that action may require the use of force to stop an act of evil. Of course we love our enemy as well and pray that they find the loving knowledge of our Lord and Savior in Jesus Christ. However during the act of evil it’s our duty as christian men to try and stop it!

If you have questions regarding which firearms would be best to defend your family give us a call 765-414-5147. Consultation is free and will say confidential.

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