Real Money for Real Patriots!

Purpose and Overview:

  • To provide real money for real patriots by using the incredible blockchain technology similar to bitcoin, but only backed by a real asset (22lr ammo). Patriot$ is for the hunting and shooting sports community who appreciates and understands the value of the most popular cartridge in the world (22lr).

Advantage over fiat currency:

  1. With the Patriot$ token pegged to a real asset (22lr ammo) it becomes a real hedge against inflation. With quantitative easing (creating money out of thin air) and trillion dollar deficits, the US dollar is heading on an unstainable path towards hyper inflation.
  2. Although the supply of 22lr ammunition has come back to normal levels lately, over the past few years it has seen a huge shortage in supply for various reasons thus driving up the price in USD. So Patriot$ can also act as a hedge against price fluctuations due to supply.
  3. Patriot$ was created on the powerful Waves Platform blockchain, so is therefore on a decentralized exchange (not controlled by any government nor bank). Blockchain technology makes it next to impossible to hack since the ledger is on computers all over the world and the ledger is anonymous with no personal information attached.
  4. You can send and receive Patriot$ anywhere in the world (peer to peer) with very low fees (.oo1 wave fee for a transfer -which 1 wave right now is around $4 so about .004$ fee), as compared to a credit card which charges around 3%.
  5. It usually only takes less than a minute to complete the transfer, compared to a bank transfer which can take hours.
  6. Transfers with Patriot$ can be completely anonymous; all that is needed is the receivers wallet address (which is just a bunch of letters and numbers assigned to you once you create your wallet).

Proof of Asset

  • Instead of paying some third party outrageous fees to come and verify our inventory, we decided it would be more practical and better for the users of Patriot$, to just be able to come to our shop and see for themselves. Of course we are not going to open the safe(s) every ten minutes for someone to look, but anybody who owns Patriot$ can email us and we can make you an appointment to audit the inventory up to once a month (unlike the federal reserve).
  • The ammunition will be stored and locked in a safe that is properly controlled via safe ammunition storage protocols.


  • Current supply of tokens is listed below and will only increase as the inventory of 22lr increases in direct portion. We will probably cap off the supply at around 10 million tokens.

  1. 10,000 tokens as of 09/22/17  with an inventory of 10,ooo rounds of ARMSCOR AMMO .22LR HIGH-VEL 36GR. LEAD-HP

Redeem Tokens 

  1. Tokens can be redeemed at anytime for any products at LLC (All State and Federal laws apply for purchasing ammo and firearms, also sales tax will be added). Hopefully other merchants will see the value of this real money and soon accept Patriot$ as well. If you are a business owner who understands this principle, just shoot me an email and we will get you set up and add you to the merchants list.
  2. Tokens can be transferred peer to peer – anytime.
  3. Tokens can be traded on the Waves decentralized exchange – anytime.

How to get started

  • It’s really easy to get Patriot$, just follow the steps below. Note: You are not purchasing a product – you are simply trading one asset for another to be traded or to purchase products or services at another time. Think of it as store credit – a digital gift card to be used later.

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